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About this project

I draw dicks. Like you draw flowers. And nudes. And horses. I draw dicks when I am eating. I draw dicks when I am watching TV. I draw dicks when you are sitting right next to me. Looking at me drawing a dick. I turn to you and ask - ‘hey, will you draw a dick for me?’ You look at me and say ‘why not?’ If you have a problem dick illustration, send it to me at dick@untitledtiff.com and dont forget to mention your instagram username in the email. I accept dicks only as 1200 x 1200px with transparent or white background. Gifs are also welcomed.


You: Is untitled.tiff your real name?

Me: No, It’s not my real name.

You: Do you like dicks?

Me: I don’t like dicks, I just like drawing them.

You: Can you draw my dick?

Me: I don’t do dick portraits.

You: Where can I see your work?

Me: Maybe you can or maybe you can’t.
I am just going to leave this here.

If you want to thank me,
or ask me out, or collaborate,
write to me at hello@untitledtiff.com